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to missouri. even down into the texas panhandle. shelters are being opened and hundreds of miles of interstate are already closed. >> because they're not going to make it, anyway, even if they get the past any of our check points they can't see. visibility is so poor that it makes its impossible to pass through that area. >> the storm has already proven fatal. in colorado, two died when a prison van lost control on an icy highway. nine others were hospitalized. and four people were killed in new mexico after a two-car collision. two others were seriously injured. by the time the storm finally blows through, snow totals from 4 to 12 inches are expected through grout the region. some areas could see more than two feet. emergency crews have rescued hundreds of stranded motorists. >> they have to go real, real slow. they can't hurry with the visibility the way it is, find a shelter and stay off the road. the good news is forecasters expect the snow to turn into rain before breaking up today or tomorrow. and the longer term outlook shows no major problems expected later this week. >>> so much for a
are in effect from southeastern colorado to kansas. the oklahoma and texas panhandles and eastern new mexico. snowfall amounts may range as high as a foot and a half in some places. >>> snow over the weekend hit parts of the midwest including indiana. the slippery conditions on the road caused some accidents and minor injuries. >>> to washington now. so many americans depend on is unknown. we all thought they had a deal after the senate battle it out and now lawmakers appear headed for another capital showdown. whit johnson has more. >> reporter: in a surprise move, house speaker john boehner rejected saturday's senate deal to extend the payroll tax holiday for two months. >> it's pretty clear that i and our members oppose the senate bill. it's only for two months. >> reporter: yesterday, boehner supported the measure, but following a series of calls with house republicans, he changed his mind. he now insists any deal should last for a year. >> i believe that two months is just kicking the can down the road. the american people are tired of that. frankly, i'm tired of it. >> reporter: bipart
for the democrats is that the bill requires construction of an 1,800 mile oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama wants to put off a decision on that. >>> today, the senate is also scheduled to vote on two proposed constitutional amendments requiring a balanced federal budget. neither one is expected to pass. >>> federal safety officials are recommending banning all electronic devices while driving. that includes talking on a cell phone, even hands-free, and also texting and e-mailing. national transportation safety board cause such devices a deadly distraction. according to the government, distracted driving caused 900,000 crashes last year. 417,000 people were injured and 3,092 were killed. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: john skunzio makes many of his deals on the road. he's a fabric salesman who spends about three hours a day driving while talking on his hands-free cell phone. >> if i don't have that luxury, then it means almost wasted time while i'm driving. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling for state bans nationwide on the use of portable
to meet with his wife this afternoon in atlanta. one of cain's republican rival texas governor rick perry told jay leno last night, he thinks the personal lives of candidates do matter and that cain has to address the accusations against him. >> look. he is going to have to address those. i've said a couple times over the last few days is he's addressing them. i mean, if there is truth there, then, you know, he's got to have a long conversation with his family and with his supporters, and if there is nothing there, he needs to stand up and clearly go on about his business. >> meanwhile, a confident new gingrich says he will win the republican nomination. gingrich told abc news, he says the recent polls, the odds are very high he will be the nominee. >>> overseas now. new developments regarding nato air strikes last week against two pakistan border outposts. this morning, it's reported that pakistani officers gave the go ahead for the attack. "wall street journal" quotes unnamed american officers as saying the pakistani officers were unaware they had troops in the area. 24 pakistan soldier
approval for work on a controversial oil pipeline to carry oil from canada to texas. >>> in a letter released this morning, newt gingerich will pledge to run a clean campaign and stay away from personal attacks telling supporters and staff, quote, it is critical the republican nominee emerge from this primary season unblooded so he or she can make the case against president obama from a position of strength. but it was a different story on monday when he and mitt romney squabbled over money they've made outside of politics. >> reporter: mitt romney and newt gingerich got personal monday while campaigning in new hampshire. the top contenders for the republican presidential nomination challenged each other to return millions made outside of politics. romney first called on gingerich to give back the an estimate dollars $1.6 million that he made to provide advice to freddie mac. that drew a quick response from gingerich. if governor romney would like to give back all the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees, i'll be glad to listen to him. and i'll bet yo
satellite picture shows clouds heading through the rockies, while another system is on the move from texas to the mid-atlantic state. later today, parts of the southwest will get another round of snow in the southeast will be rainy with a chance of strong thunderstorms. >>> now to sports. a dramatic end to the annual poinsettia bowl game. connected on a 42-yard touchdown pass. tcu held on to beat louisiana tech 31-24. >>> in college basketball, a win for fifth ranked north carolina. at home in chapel hill against texas, the tar heels got a season high 26 points from harrison barnes. john henson added 14 points as carolina cruised to an 82-63 victory. >>> in the nba, things got a little overheated between the heat and the magic in orlando. miami's lebron james was shoved to the floor and he fell and nothing was called on magic's quinton richardson. later, james bumped him and caused a technical foul. in another nba preseason game, the los angeles lakers kobe bryant did not play because of a torn ligament in his right wrist and the clippers blake griffin scored 30 points leading the way to a
law. gingrich says he'll continue no matter the outcome in iowa, texas governor rick perry is not so sure. when asked if there was an outcome next tuesday that would force him from the race, perry said, it might, if that is, quote, god's will. >>> one republican candidate isn't focusing on iowa. jon huntsman has spent his time to win voters in new hampshire. huntsman says the iowa results will soon be forgotten. >>> the day after the iowa caucuses, president obama will do a little campaigning himself. it's in iowa. -- it's in ohio. a key state he won in 2008 but it has been hard hit by the economy and that will be the focus of the president's visit. yesterday, mr. obama and the first lady visited the memorial honoring the more than 2,300 americans killed in the attack on pearl harbor in 1941. and threw flower petals over the sunken halt of the "uss arizona." >>> north korea says its new leadership does not change his position. north korean political and military elites are uniting around kim jong-un who replaced his late father. the north military says anyone expecting them to ease i
, a texas-based firm. clients include apple, the miami police department and u.s. air force. the department of defense told cbs news there has been, quote, no impact on pentagon networks. >>> a christmas tragedy in texas. seven members of one family were found shot to death. police say it was murder and suicide and happened after they finished opening presents. selena hernandez of ktvt, our station in dallas-ft. reports. >> reporter: the merriment of the holiday was overshadowed by a horrific crime scene. grapevine police say the bodies of seven people were found shot to death inside this apartment unit. investigators say the victims include four women and three men and range in age from 18 to early 60s. police believe they are related, but can't elaborate on the extent of their ties. a 911 call led officers to the gruesome discovery. investigators say it appeared the family had just celebrated the holiday, unwrapped packages were found. as were two handguns. it's still unclear what led to the deadly shooting, but police do believe the gunman is dead. about nine hours later, investigators t
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coast has mostly clear skies and showers are heading into texas. later today, cold air spreads through the midwest, up to a foot of lake-effect snow expected to hit the great lakes region. sunny skies and mild temperatures in the southeast. >>> in sports, ben roethlisberger plays through the pain to lead pittsburgh over cleveland. in the second quarter, scott paxson comes down hard on roethlisberger's ankle. x-rays come up negative, so big ben comes back in the fourth and tosses a strike to antonio brown who scampers 9 yar79 yards for touchdown. steelers over the colts. >>> jim irsay said last night he does not see a glimmer of hope that quarterback peyton manning will return this season. manning had surgery on his neck in september. without their all-star quarterback, the colts are now 0-12. >>> a seismic shift in baseball this morning. hometown hero albert pujols is leaving st. louis and going to los angeles. the three-time national league mvp signed a ten-year contract with the angels worth $254 million. that's the second highest in major league history. pujols spent 11 years with t
weather in texas, arkansas, and illinois. the snow, ice and strong winds made highway travel dangerous. >> lots of wrecks. lots of sliding into curves and breaking the tires off their beads, cars rolling over on their tops. >> little rock, arkansas, and nashville, tennessee, could get an inch or so of wet snow today. >>> now to politics. after being overtaken in the polls by newt gingrich, mitt romney has unveiled what he calls his closing argument, promising a more aggressive campaign. and president obama is also on the attack, making it a pitch to the middle class. tara mergener is in washington with more on all of this. good morning, tara. >> good morning to you, betty. republicans are trying to keep the president on the defensive over the weak u.s. economy. in the meantime, mitt romney is ramping up his campaign as newt gingrich surges in the polls. mitt romney is battling to take back his lead in the gop race. >> now it's time to make our case to the american people and to the people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. >> reporter: in arizona tuesday, he promised a
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for the gulf coast. drifts up to ten feet deep closed roads in parts of colorado, texas, new mexico. >>> awe in report this morning of a cyberattack of u.s. business interests from china. "the wall street journal" reports they attacked security systems of the u.s. chamber of commerce. communications 50 chamber members were compromised. it's possible the hackers had access to the network for more than a year. the journal says the security breach was discovered and shut down in may of 2010. >>> the crisis in north korea may have forced a shift to collective leadership following the death of dictator kim jong-il. a memorial service for kim was held yesterday. his son kim jong-un was the chief mourner but reuters quotes a source that kim jong-un will share power with the military and his uncle. >>> an an arctic adventure. the british author and travel writer hopes to become the first person ever to ski solo across the icy continent. so far, she has covered 500 miles and will stay at the u.s. base at the pole for a much-needed few days of rest. >>> just ahead on the "morning news," new allegation
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mexico will receive several inches of snow. a large storm system will produce heavy rain from texas to new york with flooding likely in the mississippi and ohio valleys. >>> in sports, the green bay packers are still the only undefeated team in the nfl but just barely. packers quarterback aaron rodgers connected on four touchdown passes against the giants, but new york came back and scored in the final minute to tie it up. then as time expired, the packers mason crosby kicked a 30-yard field goal for a 38-35 green bay win. >>> in new orleans, the saints quarterback drew brees has three touchdown passes against detroit. the saints never trailed and won it 31-17. at 9-3, they remain in first place in the nfc south. >>> in minneapolis, denver quarterback tim tebow passed for two touchdowns and denver's fifth straight victory since he became the starter. the broncos also kicked two field goals in the closing minutes to beat the vikings 35-32. the broncos are tied with oakland for first place in the afc west. >>> in college football, the final bcs rankings have lsu and alabama as the top
: danielle nottingham, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >>> texas governor rick perry has shifted his position on abortion. previously, perry had said abortion was acceptable in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life was in danger. but speaking to a pastor in iowa yesterday, perry says he now opposes all abortions, no matter what the circumstances. >>> two-term democratic senator ben nelson of nebraska says he is going to retire. nebraska is heavily republican so his retirement could set up an easy gop win in november. republicans need just four seats to take control of the senate. >>> a southwest airlines jet taking off from sacramento, california, for seattle last night, didn't get far. the boeing 737 with 137 people on board blew two tires and the pilot aborted the takeoff. no one was hurt and buses evacuated relieved passengers. >> about halfway down the runway and, all of a sudden, you heard a loud pop and shaking. the plane started shaking and set the nose back down and said we were retired. >> we were going pretty. then there was a sort of a popping sound. >> let me put it this
willing to change their minds. ron paul is hoping to do just that, support for the texas congressman is slowly growing. >> in political terms, it means that we're probably peaking at the right time. >> reporter: as for the back of the gop pack. >> is this your place? >> reporter: candidates including rick perry hope a little face time will give them a major breakthrough. perry kicked off a bus tour through western iowa wednesday. michele bachmann starts crisscrossing the state tomorrow. so the pressure is really on this one, especially for mitt romney to try to stand out and stem the rise of newt gingrich. a lot of voters really tune out during christmas to new year's during those holidays, so this is really one big last chance for them to have an impact. >> we will certainly be watching. susan mcginnis in washington this morning, thank you. >>> take a quick break. coming up on a thursday, a brand-new list of the safest vehicles, plus why it's better to have a female boss. >>> but first, scott pelley with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> she spent a lifetime taking pict
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spread from the central rockies to portions of texas and oklahoma could see a freezing mix with freezing rain. >>> here is another look at this morning's top stories. >>> winds are calmer this morning out west a day after what is described as a once in a decade blast of high winds slammed california and other western states. triple digit gusts were recorded in several states. hundreds of thousands lost power. >>> signs of modest growth are expected when the labor department releases its jobs report for november this morning. economists predict 125,000 jobs were added last month. but the unemployment rate is expected to stay at a high 9%. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton concluded her historic visit to burma today. she met with the country's human rights leader and even got in a little sightseeing. clinton rang a giant bell for luck during a tour of the golden temple of one of burma's most popular tourists sites and later met with aung san suu kyi. clinton called her an inspiration. >>> vice president joe biden is in turkey this morning, holding talks with turkish leaders on the con
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)